Saturday, January 2, 2010

Genesis 1:1,26 - God Speaks to His Son

Genesis 1:1- In the beginning GOD created...
Genesis 1:26- Let US make man in OUR image...

There is nothing in this verse (or any other verse in the entire Bible) that identifies Jesus as "God."

The Word "God" (ELOHIM) is speaking of only one person in Genesis 1:1, not three persons. Trinitarians claim that God's spirit is the third person of their triune God, but ELOHIM in verse 2, even from the trinitarian standpoint, has to refer to one person since the spirit is spoken of in that verse as belonging to ELOHIM.

In Genesis 1:26, the unipersonal God (elohim) speaks to another person who is not himself, saying "Let us..." or "Let's". If I say to a friend, "Let's go to a movie as we had planned," I am not saying that the person I am speaking to is another person of myself.

The truth is that the idea that God is here speaking to Himself (allegedly as two different persons of Himself) has to be imagined, assumed, added to, and read into what the scripture actually says, and such has to be assumed only to conform to preconceived doctrine, which also has to be imagined, assumed, added to, and read into, each and every scripture that is used to allegedly support the extra-Biblical doctrine.

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